Monday, July 30, 2012

Luna La Stalker

Luna stole the keys to a second floor room because it had a view of Asa’s. Late one night she snuck inside with her camera and equipment. She grinned and set up her tripod, she attached her longest lens. She mounted the camera and snickered, then aimed it towards his place.

Asa had just got home, he turned on a couple of lights. He walked over and glanced out the window. Luna froze, afraid to be seen, soon he turned back around. She caught her breath then settled down and focused the lens on her camera.

Asa had moved to his desk, where he wrote on a piece of paper. He ripped it free then went back over and taped it to the window. It took a moment to refocus the lens but she finally pulled it in. She read it out loud and started to swear, then read it once again. “Luna bitch, I see you there. You’re dead. I’m coming to get you.”

She looked over the camera to find him but Asa was already gone. She swore a bit more and scrambled to put her things away. When she left the room the hall was empty, it seemed the coast was clear but Jordon had orders to stop her and got there just in time. Luna hit him with the tripod, she nailed him pretty hard. She flew downstairs and ran for the door, unfortunately a little too late.

Asa was standing there waiting on the other side of the door, mostly made of glass. He motioned for her to come outside but Luna shook her head no. Jordon walked up behind her, she never seen him so mad. She slipped outside and tried to run but Asa caught her instead.

He took her camera and threw it down, he shot it several times. He picked it up and gave it back and told Jordon to take her home. Luna said she knew the way and tried to run again. Asa stopped her one last time and didn’t let her go. He took her back to his place, where he had a camera of his own.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dark and Stormy Night

It was a dark and stormy night, the boys were drinking downstairs. Luna was up in her bed, but couldn’t go back to sleep. She wandered into the hall, someone spoke her name. She sat very still, at the top of the stairs and listened to every word.

Michael wanted to know if Luna had been making advances, towards either one of the men. First he turned to Asa, who lied on her behalf. Then he looked at Alex, he covered for her as well.

Michael didn‘t believe them, so he asked her too without looking. She told him she was innocent, before realizing now she was guilty, of spying on the boys below.

Luna ran back to her room, she shut and locked the door. Michael let her be. But in the morning she opened her eyes, to him glaring from inches away.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Exhibition A

Asa: “What’s in the bag, Luna?”

“My camera”

“Thought we got rid of that fucking thing.”

“Michael bought me a new one.”


“You can’t take this one away from me, you know.”

“The hell I can’t Luna, you bring that thing here again, I’ll tie you up and take pictures of your lily white ass with it. Got it?”

“Okay fine! I won’t. Promise.”

“A promise from you, isn’t worth a thing.”

“Whatever. Are you coming to the party tomorrow?”

“Fuck yeah I’ll be there watching you like a hawk and getting paid for it. Can’t wait to see what kind of obscene excuse for a dress you parade around in this time.”

“Michael picks out my dresses, you know.”

“Yeah, but you’re the one that fails use them to cover up.”

“I only do that when you‘re looking.”

“Michael’s going to catch you flashing me.”

“No he won’t.”

“Yes he will and I bet he humiliates you in front of everyone.”

“Not gonna happen.”

“I bet he holds your dress up over your head while he yells at you.”

“Ha! He’d totally try to, if he caught me!”

“Speaking of taking pictures of your lily white ass, I bet everyone would get the opportunity to snap one before he finished.”

“For the last time, it’s not going to happen because I won’t get caught, ever!”

“Promise me you won‘t get caught, Luna.”

“I promise.”

“I’ve never been so happy you can’t keep a promise.”

“You’re mean.”

“And you’re a slut. Get your things and get out of here.”


“…and don’t  forget your camera.”

“Oh shit. I almost forgot my camera!”

“It’s amazing you even find your way here.”

“Whatever, see you tomorrow.”

“Get out of here, Luna.”

“In a second.”

“What are you waiting for?”

“I don‘t know.”

“Open the door and leave!”

“Okay fine! Bye!”

“Goodbye, Luna.”