Wednesday, March 28, 2012



“What Luna.”

“Can I talk to you for a second?”

“I’m busy.”

“It’s important.”

“You’re wasting my time.”

“There’s a new guy around and he’s creeping me out, sir.”

“What do you mean, creeping you out.”

“The first time I saw him, I was at the store and he was staring at me, through the window.”

“Where the fuck were your guards?”

“They were there, but he just stared.”

“They should have moved him on.”

“Sir, I think he was at the party last night.”

“Are you serious? What the fuck, Luna! Why didn’t you say something?”

“I wasn’t sure it was him, but now… I’m pretty sure it was.”


“Because there are footprints outside my window.”

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dirty Blue Eyes

Luna walked into the party, wearing her new little hat. Michael had a hold of her shoulder.

She could see just fine, through the lace of the vale, but he decided to escort her.

They mingled and drank, most of the night. They danced when the music slowed down.

Luna peered around his arm, to get a glimpse of the crowd.

A man stared back from the corner, it was the voyeur from the store.

His hair was clean, his suit was tailored. A different look than before.

Luna remained suspicious, of his clever little disguise.

Luna couldn’t stop staring, into his dirty blue eyes.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Voyeur

Luna was trying on hats, in a quaint little place on the corner. There were so many ones to choose from, she kind of lost track of time.

The first one was white with a floppy brim, that extended exceptionally wide. She lifted her chin to look in the mirror. She smiled, it looked pretty nice.

The second was furry and snug on her head, a little too militant for her.

The third one was crazy but she couldn’t resist, it had feathers that reached the sky.

The fourth one was sexy, it carried a vale, that sheltered all of her features.

She left it on a bit longer. So far this one was best.

Luna tried on several more, after a while she finally noticed, a man in the mirror that had been watching her, she turned to take a look.

He stood outside the window, and he continued to stare. When she went for the door to approach him, he quickly disappeared.

Luna paid for the hat, the one that she liked best. Once outside she scanned the street, for any sign of the man.

It seemed that he was gone, but the voyeur wanted more. He studied her over carefully.

It wasn’t smart to follow her home.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Alex bought Luna some lingerie and wanted to see it on. She wasn’t thinking and gave him a show but he didn’t look very happy. He took her arm and spun her around to take a look from behind. In marker, a word was written, misspelled just above her ass. Alex wanted answers. Luna refused to speak.

“What the fuck is that?!
Answer me!
Oh what, so you’re not talking to me now? Smart. Real smart.
Fine. I can figure this out. Let’s see. There wasn’t any writing on your ass yesterday, so you must have got it last night and judging by it’s location Luna, you got some assistance!
Luna, you were home alone. It was just you and your guard. So tell me, who was your guard last night? Who was it?!
Still not talking?
I already know the answer. Asa’s out of town and there’s only one person he assigns to you when he’s not here.
I would’ve thought he was smarter than that. I bet you two were drunker than fuck.
Drunk guards are worthless, Luna.
I should tell Asa about this.”


“So, you admit it.”

“You can’t say anything to Asa!”

“What in the hell was Jordon doing up your dress, you horny little bitch!”

“No, it wasn’t like that!”

“Get out of the clothes I bought for you.”

“No, let me explain!”

“Get out of them now! Fuck.”

“Okay, okay I will just stop looking at me like that!”


Alex made Luna get dressed, then he let her explain. She said nothing happened. He said he believed her but was still upset. Her indiscretions made him nervous.

Michael was due back in a couple of days. She promised to scrub it off. Alex didn’t think she could reach it and helped her. He wasn’t very nice.

Luna left with a sore spot instead of a fake tattoo. She asked for the lingerie back one last time, so Alex threw it away.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Asa relied on Jordon to be his right-hand man. It was his job to watch over Luna one night. One thing led to another and both of them wound up drunk.


“Yes Lu?”

“Do you have any tattoos?”

“Yes Lu.”

“No way! Where?”

“Wouldn‘t yooou like to know.”

“Are they on your butt?”


“Are they on your boobs then?”

“No dork and stop guessing!”

“I’m not a dork… *hiccup* you’re a dork.”

“It‘s on my back dork.”

“Let me see!”

“Okay. Help me up… or not. Wait. I got it… I got it… okaaaaay.”

“Stripper! Stripper! Stripper! We have a stripper on aisle two!” *hiccup*

“Shut up and get down from there!”

“I didn‘t get up on anything, you fell over again. Hold still I wanna see your tattoo.”

“Dammit Lu, yer hands are cold!”

“It’s beeeeeeautiful! I wanna tattoo.”

“Michael would shit bricks, two of ‘em even.”

“I know but I got an idea.” *hiccup*

“Oh god.”

“I have a marker.”


“Yes yes yes!”

“No and put it back in your bag, Lu.”

“No and give me a tattoo, Jody.”

“Nooooooo fuckin’ way Lu.”

“I’ve always wanted one right here.”

“Hey! Put your fuckin’ dress down!”

“No! Just fuck the draw… fuck the draw…”

“Put it down!”

“Fuck the draw… draw me a fuck… fuck me a draw…”

“Put it down Luna!”

“Draw a fucking butterfly please.” *hiccup*

“No and put your dress down before someone walks in.”

“No. There’s no one here and you know it. Draw.”

“I don’t draw butterflies, lady.”

“I don’t think you can even spell butterfly.”

“…gimmie the marker.”

“Yay, a butterfly!”

“Hold reeeally still.”

“That tickles!”

“Hold stiller.”

“I’m holding as stiller as possible.”

“Done. Now put yer damn dress down, lady.”

“Yay, thank-you! I’m gonna go look in the mirror.”

“Oh god. I got to get outa here.”

“What was that?”

“I said… you look great from the rear.”

“Um. Thanks Jody but I think you’ve had enough to drink tonight, okay? I’ll be right back.”

 “Uh… okay Lu… thanks.”

Luna left the room but forgot where she was going. Jordon passed out on the floor. Michael was out of town for a few days, but this wasn’t over.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Alex and Luna were whispering
even though there was no one around.
He was talking dirty to her
she was talking back.

Both of them were smiling
‘til Asa walked in the room.

No one smiled after that.

Asa told Luna to leave.
She mumbled she didn’t want to.
He yelled until she did.

A little time went by
then Luna asked what happened.

Alex told her to forget it
Asa warned her not to.

Alex told her she had done nothing wrong
Asa said he was about to.

Luna realized she was in trouble
and thought about walking away
but to watch the boys fight over her
made her fucking day.