Friday, January 30, 2015

Job Perks

Two guards:

“Dude, what’s up with Luna?”

“She’s in deep shit. Went off on Asa and he wasn’t having it. He kicked her out.”

“So she’s staring at us through the window?”


“That’s creepy, man.”

“She’s been there for hours.”

“So, where is Asa?”

“I don’t know but he left strict orders not to let her back in.”

“Oh come on, man. It’s cold outside!”

“No it’s not.”

“It is too. Look, she’s pressing her boobies against the glass just to keep them warm.”

“Don’t fall for it, dude.”

“Fine, I won’t let her back in.”

“Good thinking.”

“I’ll just go outside and talk to her.”

“Asa's going to kick your ass.”

“Asa ain’t here, man.”

“Actually, he's right behind you.”

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Moth

Michael to Luna:

“Don’t touch that.”

“It’s just a candle.”

“It’s a lit candle.”

“It doesn’t hurt.”

“It’s going to.”


“Told you so.”

“That didn’t hurt.”

“Of course not.”

“Light it again?”



Wednesday, January 14, 2015



“Luna, wake up!

There’s a cop downstairs that wants to talk to you.
Mind telling me what is this is about?

Open your eyes, dammit.
Don’t make me stifle that snore with a pillow.

That’s better.
Now tell me why there’s a cop here.

What do you mean, you don’t know.
Damn right you should go talk to him.

Hey, put some clothes on first.

Luna, you can’t wear that.
Or that.

Okay fine. If it helps you get out of this mess.
Just put it on.

You buttoned it up wrong. 
Here, let me help you.


No, you can’t show any more tit than that.
Yes, I’m sure. Now get downstairs.

That’s weird...
He’s gone! 
I wonder why.

Oh, hi Asa.
That’ll explain it. 
Oh dear.

Okay Luna, go back to bed.

No you can’t, Luna.
No she can’t, Asa.

Button that back up, Luna.