Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Le Fleur

Alex: “Hi Luna, what do you have there?”

“A bouquet of flowers, do you like them?”

“They’re lovely. Are you going to put them in a vase?”

“Yup, soon.”

“What kind are they?”

“All different kinds! Here, I’ll teach you.”

“Which one smells so nice?”

“I’ll get to that one. But first, do you know what kind this one is?”

“Is it a pansy?”

“No. It’s a daisy. You don’t know your flowers very well.”

“Does it have a smell?”

“No! Set it back down.”

“Um, okay.”

“What about the orange one, do you know what kind it is?”

“Is it a poppy?”

“No. It’s a lily. Silly.”

“Does it have a smell?”

“No, sheesh! I’ll get to that one, I told you already!”

“Fine, settle down.”

“You know what these are called, don’t you? These little white ones?”

“Those are ugly, Luna. Looks like you picked up a little bit of weed on accident.”

“It’s called baby’s breath and it’s pretty but it has a stupid name.”

“Oh? …and what would you call it, instead.”

“Angel farts.”

“I’m not even going to ask about the smell.”

“Thank god. Do you know what this one is? It’s one of my favorites.”

“A carnation?”

“No. It’s a snapdragon.”

“It’s pretty! Hold it up for me so I can smell it.”


“Thanks for shoving it up my nose, Luna.”

“Hahaha! That was funny. So, what does it smell like?”

“Right now? probably snot.”

“Ew. Gross!”

“Aha! There it is. That’s what I smell, a rose. A single, red rose. Beautiful.”

“Careful, I like them extra thorny.”

“Ouch! You’re not kidding.”

“Keeps people from messing with my flowers.”

“Is that a common problem for you?”

“A girl can never be too careful.”

“Here, let me help you Luna. What about this vase?”

“That’ll be perfect! Thank you.”

“Hold on, you forgot one.”

“I do not want a snot covered snapdragon in my bouquet.”

“I’ll stick it in there for you then.”

“Fine and I will prune it out.”

“I can’t believe you just decapitated your snapdragon.”

“I’m going up to my room now and I’m taking my flowers with me. You owe me a snapdragon. You owe me a whole bouquet of them.”

“Oh I’ll bring you a bouquet of snapdragons if you want me to, dear. You think about it though. Is that what you really want? An entire bouquet of snot covered snapdragons?”

*silent stare*

“Any particular color?”

“Never mind.”

“Good girl.”

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bon Voyage

“Jordon, why the hell did you just kill that guy!”

“We need his boat, little darling. Now go over there and have a seat in the captain’s chair.”

“What do we need a boat for?”

“To make a clean getaway and to find something to eat. Now please go sit down.”

“I don’t want to sit down and I’m not hungry!”



“That’s better. Sorry if I scared you Luna but you need to listen to me from now on.”

“Jordon, you’ve changed.”

“You’re right I’ve changed. I’m stronger and I’m not going to let them treat you like shit anymore.”

“I don’t think you realize what you’ve done.”

“I rescued you. Don’t you appreciate it?”

“Well of course but…”

“I love you, Luna.”


“I love you and I’m going to take you far away from here. I’m going to give you the kind of life you deserve. Now, if I could JUST FIND SOMETHING TO EAT! …DAMMIT!"

“I’m not hungry,” Luna whispered.

Jordon stopped looking for food. He walked over and cuddled up beside her.

“Luna?” he said, “The keys were in the ignition of the boat when we got here. What have you done with them?”


“Yes, Luna?”

“Are you the rat?”

“What do you mean?”

“You said there was a rat in my room. You said it was responsible for making all the noises. You said not to worry about it because the rat was my friend and I want to know… are you the rat?”

“Now don’t get upset, darling but when I watch you, that’s when I know you’re safe.”

“I hate you, Jordon.”

“You don’t mean that. Now give me the keys before I have to get physical. Thank-you. I guess if you’re not hungry, we’ll just go ahead and leave.”


Several men rushed the boat but they weren’t Asa’s. They weren’t policemen either. They were men from Luna’s past.

With hands held high, Luna and Jordon cooperated. Jordon was stripped of his gun and Luna was tied up in the corner.

Gunfire rang out again. Asa and his men came aboard. The intruders were grossly outnumbered and picked off one by one.

The boat was full of dead bodies. Jordon stood in the middle. All the guns were pointing at him. Asa’s gun was the closest, nestled against his head.

Luna came to Jordon’s defense but Asa wouldn’t hear it. He told her to leave the scene. Alex appeared, she went to his side. He quickly took her away.

Jordon was never heard from again. Luna thought it was sad.

But she did sleep a whole lot better,

without the rat in her room.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Docks

“Jordon, where are we?”

“It’s a pretty view from here, isn’t it? You can see the ocean for miles.”

“Yes but I’m confused. Why would Asa tell you to bring me here? Wait a minute. He isn’t going to do something mean to me, is he? …for causing so much trouble lately?”

“No he’s not. I can promise you that.”

“Good. Then why am I here?”

Jordon took a deep breath. He paused for a moment then told Luna the ‘truth.’ He told her Asa and Alex planned to kidnap her and dump her off in the forest for a few days.

Luna stared in disbelief.

“Alex wouldn’t do that,” she professed, “and Michael wouldn’t go along with it either!”

Jordon swore that’s exactly what he overheard.

Just then, Luna realized they were on the run and Asa didn’t know where she was. It scared her. The sun was setting and the temperature fell. Jordon gave her his coat.

“Let’s go down to the docks,” he said, “We’ll get you something to eat.”

“I want to go home,” Luna answered.

“We will honey I promise,” he lied, “When Michael says it’s okay.”

It was getting dark and the wind began to die down. An occasional wave would ripple the harbor and cause the masts to clank.

Jordon held her hand as they walked. Luna didn’t like it but was too nervous to say anything. They reached the end of one of the docks and a man came out from his boat. 

He was ornery and wanted to know why they were there. Jordon pulled out a gun and shot him. The man fell forward, into the water then slowly started to sink.

“We’ll find something to eat in here,” Jordon whispered and shuffled her aboard. 

Monday, May 20, 2013


Asa went straight to Luna’s room and tore it apart. He found cameras and recording equipment everywhere. All of it was Jordon’s but he wasn’t sure of that yet. He called his men to find him. That’s when the news came in. Jordon had left ten minutes ago with Luna in his car.

A fire lit inside of Asa. Anger overwhelmed him as the betrayal set in. He yelled out Luna’s name in a desperate attempt to demand her presence but she was gone.  Luna was in danger.

Asa ordered a manhunt. He wanted Jordon dead or alive but Luna safe. His men combed the streets for hours but found nothing.

On a hunch Asa got in his car and headed south. There was only one other place Jordon was familiar with, the docks along the waterfront.

He sped down the freeway in his fast car. In his mirror were a few of his men. He killed the radio and settled in for the drive. It gave him time to think.

Asa met Jordon on the docks. He needed a job so Asa gave him one as a crew hand. Later, Jordon made for a good guard but then something happened. He got distracted.

Calm behind the wheel, Asa made plans. He mulled over every possible scenario and decided what to do in each case. In the end, one thing was certain. The future didn’t look good for Jordon. Should Asa ever find him.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


“Jordon, why did you set me down?”

“Because we’re too late. I just saw Alex drive off and he looked angry.”

“Oh crap. I am in so much trouble. It wasn’t my fault I fell. Well it kind of was but this isn’t fair! I don’t want to get in trouble again. Jordon, help me!”

“I… I want to help you Luna. I have to call Asa...”

“Fuck. He’s going to be super mad at me too.”

Jordon pretended to call Asa. He “talked” briefly then hung up the phone. He put Luna back over his shoulder and took her home. Once there, he lied to her. She got into his car. He told her Asa was waiting for them, so she went along for the ride. The gate closed slowly behind them, before the call came in.

No Answer

Alex to Asa:

“Where the hell is Luna?”

“What the fuck are you talking about.”

“She didn’t come to class and she’s not at home. You didn’t take her out on your sick little adventure already, did you?”

“Fuck no.”

“Then where is she?”

“I’ll call Jordon.”


“There’s no answer.”

“What do you mean, no answer.”

“There’s no fucking answer…”

“You look worried.”

“I’m putting this place on lockdown.”


The next morning Luna was on her way to meet Alex for class. She started to run, not wanting to be late. She fell and twisted her ankle. Jordon wasn’t far behind.

Alex waited impatiently. At a quarter after, he locked up and decided to go look for her. He pounded his fist on the roof of the car, just before getting in.

Jordon saw him drive off. He had Luna draped over his shoulder. He got worried and set her down.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Alex and Asa

“So Alex, I understand you’re having a little trouble with Luna.”

“Her schoolwork is pathetic.”

“So is her concept of time. I say we teach her a lesson.”

“What kind of lesson?”

“Oh, I don’t know. A lesson that will inspire her to do better, aim higher. One she won’t soon forget.”

“Not sure I’m in the mood to do business with the devil but what do you have in mind, exactly?”

“I say we take and dump her off somewhere, someplace remote. Let her fend for herself for a few days. I’d have security in place but she’d never notice. I could have the boys prep a site in no time.”

“I’m not up for kidnapping the girl.”

“We wouldn’t be. Michael would be in on it. I’d convince him.”

“How does traumatizing the poor girl get us what we want?”

“Women are obedient when they realize they need you. It’s as simple as that.”

“I don’t know, Asa.”

“If she decides to drop out of school, you’ll be out of a job, Alex.”

“That won’t happen.”

“You don’t know that. So, what do you say. Are you in?”

“Give me the night to think about it.”

“Something needs to change and you know it.”

“Oh, hey there Jordon. I didn’t see you there. Look Asa, just don’t do anything until tomorrow.”

“Suit yourself but you’re wasting time. Luna needs our help.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodbye, Asa.”

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Summer Breeze

Luna didn’t like having rat in her room. It didn’t help at all. The sun was bright and the air was warm. A breeze tossed the curtain in the window. Asa ripped it off.

“Wake up!” he yelled.

Luna sprung from bed.

“Oh, my fucking shit!” she said with eyes wide open, “I totally fucking forgot.”

“I had plans for you today!”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“You were supposed to meet me over an hour ago!”

“I know. Let’s go, it’s not too late!”

“I made reservations! We are late and I don’t do late.”


Asa growled then left. The breeze died down in the window. Luna fell back in bed and soon fell back to sleep.

The Rat

“Jordon, what are you doing in my room?”

“Oh hi Luna, I’m just making sure everything is safe.”

“It looks like you are going through all my stuff.”

“Well I am. I’m looking for anything suspicious.”

“You don’t have to read my stuff. Give me that back!”

“Oh right, sorry. Here’s your report card. That’s kind of funny, Luna.”

“No it’s not! I’ve been getting into a lot of trouble lately.”

“Because you can’t sleep?”

“Yes. How did you know?”

“I know a lot of things.”

“It makes me tired all day long.”

“I’m really sorry about that.”

“Why would you be sorry?”

“Oh, no reason.”

“So, do you hear noises inside your room?”

“Yes. Those are the creepiest.”

“Maybe you just have a rat in your room.”

“I suppose.”

“You like rats, don’t you?”


“Okay Luna, so if you hear noises again just pretend it’s your friend, the rat. Then you can go back to sleep and not worry.”

“I could try that, I guess. You’ll always be outside the door, right?”


“Okay then. I’ll try not to worry so much.”

“Good. You’re pretty when you sleep.”


“I said it’s a pity when you can’t sleep.”

“Oh. Yes it is. Can you get out of my room now?”

“Sure. I’ll finish here later.”


“You’re welcome Luna and remember now, it’s probably just a rat. Don’t be scared of the rat, Luna. The rat is your friend.”

Wednesday, May 1, 2013



“Yes, Papa?”

“I had a chat with Alex today. How do you think it went?”

“Probably not good.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because I never do anything good.”

“That’s not true, Luna. You do a lot of good things. Schoolwork just hasn’t been one of them lately.”


“What’s been going on?”

“Distracted, I guess.”

“By what?”

“I don’t know.”

“You’re keeping secrets from me, again.”

“No I’m not. I just don’t want you to overreact.”

“Overreact? To what Luna, start talking.”

“I haven’t been sleeping well and it makes me tired during the day. I hear noises at night, ones I’ve never heard before. I don’t know if they’re real or not but they’re starting to creep me out.”

“What kind of noises?”

“People noises, like someone else is there.”

“Is this why you asked to sleep in my bed?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, the answer is still no. You can sleep there when I’m home but that’s it. I’ll have the boys sweep your room for anything suspicious. Would that make you feel better?”

“I told Asa about it and Jordon already looked.”

 “Well, I’ll have them look again. Your safety and well-being are very important to me, Luna and I can’t have you performing badly in school.”

“Yes sir.”

“It makes me look bad.”

“Okay, sir.”

“Please don’t make me look bad.”

“I won’t sir.

“Good girl. Come give me a kiss. Nice, now go up to your room to study. I’ll tell you when it’s time for bed.”

“Okay sir, bye then.”

*stares at her ass on the way out*


Jordon: “Hey, Luna. You’ve got to come inside.”

“But I…”

“Please don’t give me any shit. Asa is pissed I let you come out here in the first place.”

“Oh, well okay.”


“So, just how mad is he?”

“Pretty mad but he has good reason. There was a security issue.”

“I’m safe and everything is fine.”

“You don’t know that.”

“Asa takes care of me.”

“Of course he does.”

“Did you just hear something?”

“Luna, come inside.”

“Fine but I think you’ve got me a little paranoid.”

“Good. That’s a good thing, Luna.”


Asa to Jordon: “Have you seen Luna?”

“Yeah, she’s outside on the swing.”

“It’s fucking dark. Who let her out?”

“Not sure.”

“Jordon, that’s a piss poor fucking answer.”

“Sorry boss.”

“Who let her out?”

“I did.”

“Jody, I rely on you. What were you thinking?”

“Sorry, boss. It won’t happen again.”

“It can’t happen again. Take your job more serious!”

“I do take it serious, sir.”

“Jordon, you sent her outside without any guards in place!”

“I didn’t…”

“Dammit, Jordon! You’re going to get her killed!”

“No. That’s not what I…”

“Go fucking get her.”

“Yes sir.”

“Don’t ever do that again.”

“I won’t.”

“You’re important to me Jody but not more important than her. If you want to keep your job, keep her safe.”

“Yes sir.”