Monday, May 20, 2013


Asa went straight to Luna’s room and tore it apart. He found cameras and recording equipment everywhere. All of it was Jordon’s but he wasn’t sure of that yet. He called his men to find him. That’s when the news came in. Jordon had left ten minutes ago with Luna in his car.

A fire lit inside of Asa. Anger overwhelmed him as the betrayal set in. He yelled out Luna’s name in a desperate attempt to demand her presence but she was gone.  Luna was in danger.

Asa ordered a manhunt. He wanted Jordon dead or alive but Luna safe. His men combed the streets for hours but found nothing.

On a hunch Asa got in his car and headed south. There was only one other place Jordon was familiar with, the docks along the waterfront.

He sped down the freeway in his fast car. In his mirror were a few of his men. He killed the radio and settled in for the drive. It gave him time to think.

Asa met Jordon on the docks. He needed a job so Asa gave him one as a crew hand. Later, Jordon made for a good guard but then something happened. He got distracted.

Calm behind the wheel, Asa made plans. He mulled over every possible scenario and decided what to do in each case. In the end, one thing was certain. The future didn’t look good for Jordon. Should Asa ever find him.

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