Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Docks

“Jordon, where are we?”

“It’s a pretty view from here, isn’t it? You can see the ocean for miles.”

“Yes but I’m confused. Why would Asa tell you to bring me here? Wait a minute. He isn’t going to do something mean to me, is he? …for causing so much trouble lately?”

“No he’s not. I can promise you that.”

“Good. Then why am I here?”

Jordon took a deep breath. He paused for a moment then told Luna the ‘truth.’ He told her Asa and Alex planned to kidnap her and dump her off in the forest for a few days.

Luna stared in disbelief.

“Alex wouldn’t do that,” she professed, “and Michael wouldn’t go along with it either!”

Jordon swore that’s exactly what he overheard.

Just then, Luna realized they were on the run and Asa didn’t know where she was. It scared her. The sun was setting and the temperature fell. Jordon gave her his coat.

“Let’s go down to the docks,” he said, “We’ll get you something to eat.”

“I want to go home,” Luna answered.

“We will honey I promise,” he lied, “When Michael says it’s okay.”

It was getting dark and the wind began to die down. An occasional wave would ripple the harbor and cause the masts to clank.

Jordon held her hand as they walked. Luna didn’t like it but was too nervous to say anything. They reached the end of one of the docks and a man came out from his boat. 

He was ornery and wanted to know why they were there. Jordon pulled out a gun and shot him. The man fell forward, into the water then slowly started to sink.

“We’ll find something to eat in here,” Jordon whispered and shuffled her aboard. 

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