Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bon Voyage

“Jordon, why the hell did you just kill that guy!”

“We need his boat, little darling. Now go over there and have a seat in the captain’s chair.”

“What do we need a boat for?”

“To make a clean getaway and to find something to eat. Now please go sit down.”

“I don’t want to sit down and I’m not hungry!”



“That’s better. Sorry if I scared you Luna but you need to listen to me from now on.”

“Jordon, you’ve changed.”

“You’re right I’ve changed. I’m stronger and I’m not going to let them treat you like shit anymore.”

“I don’t think you realize what you’ve done.”

“I rescued you. Don’t you appreciate it?”

“Well of course but…”

“I love you, Luna.”


“I love you and I’m going to take you far away from here. I’m going to give you the kind of life you deserve. Now, if I could JUST FIND SOMETHING TO EAT! …DAMMIT!"

“I’m not hungry,” Luna whispered.

Jordon stopped looking for food. He walked over and cuddled up beside her.

“Luna?” he said, “The keys were in the ignition of the boat when we got here. What have you done with them?”


“Yes, Luna?”

“Are you the rat?”

“What do you mean?”

“You said there was a rat in my room. You said it was responsible for making all the noises. You said not to worry about it because the rat was my friend and I want to know… are you the rat?”

“Now don’t get upset, darling but when I watch you, that’s when I know you’re safe.”

“I hate you, Jordon.”

“You don’t mean that. Now give me the keys before I have to get physical. Thank-you. I guess if you’re not hungry, we’ll just go ahead and leave.”


Several men rushed the boat but they weren’t Asa’s. They weren’t policemen either. They were men from Luna’s past.

With hands held high, Luna and Jordon cooperated. Jordon was stripped of his gun and Luna was tied up in the corner.

Gunfire rang out again. Asa and his men came aboard. The intruders were grossly outnumbered and picked off one by one.

The boat was full of dead bodies. Jordon stood in the middle. All the guns were pointing at him. Asa’s gun was the closest, nestled against his head.

Luna came to Jordon’s defense but Asa wouldn’t hear it. He told her to leave the scene. Alex appeared, she went to his side. He quickly took her away.

Jordon was never heard from again. Luna thought it was sad.

But she did sleep a whole lot better,

without the rat in her room.

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