Monday, March 19, 2012


Alex bought Luna some lingerie and wanted to see it on. She wasn’t thinking and gave him a show but he didn’t look very happy. He took her arm and spun her around to take a look from behind. In marker, a word was written, misspelled just above her ass. Alex wanted answers. Luna refused to speak.

“What the fuck is that?!
Answer me!
Oh what, so you’re not talking to me now? Smart. Real smart.
Fine. I can figure this out. Let’s see. There wasn’t any writing on your ass yesterday, so you must have got it last night and judging by it’s location Luna, you got some assistance!
Luna, you were home alone. It was just you and your guard. So tell me, who was your guard last night? Who was it?!
Still not talking?
I already know the answer. Asa’s out of town and there’s only one person he assigns to you when he’s not here.
I would’ve thought he was smarter than that. I bet you two were drunker than fuck.
Drunk guards are worthless, Luna.
I should tell Asa about this.”


“So, you admit it.”

“You can’t say anything to Asa!”

“What in the hell was Jordon doing up your dress, you horny little bitch!”

“No, it wasn’t like that!”

“Get out of the clothes I bought for you.”

“No, let me explain!”

“Get out of them now! Fuck.”

“Okay, okay I will just stop looking at me like that!”


Alex made Luna get dressed, then he let her explain. She said nothing happened. He said he believed her but was still upset. Her indiscretions made him nervous.

Michael was due back in a couple of days. She promised to scrub it off. Alex didn’t think she could reach it and helped her. He wasn’t very nice.

Luna left with a sore spot instead of a fake tattoo. She asked for the lingerie back one last time, so Alex threw it away.

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