Monday, September 1, 2014

Fair Trade

Dear Diary,

Went to the fair today! It was fun but I kept getting into trouble. Sometimes not on purpose. The cotton candy was humongous, way bigger than my face. Papa got mad when I got it in my hair and all over a few other people. He finally took it away.

I liked the rides! Got in trouble for screaming. Apparently you’re supposed to wait til it starts and I guess no one else does it on the ferris wheel.

Papa said I wasn’t allowed on the carousel. Said I wasn’t mature enough. I just wanted it to go faster last time and might've got carried away announcing it.

They had animals there, all different kinds. I wanted to take all of them home but papa said no. Actually he said, hell no you crazy damn child now get the fuck out of that goat enclosure. So I did. The silly farmer wanted to take me home. It took longer than expected but papa said no again.

The clowns were my favorite, tall as the sky! One of them gave me a big clown nose, he stuck it on my face. I laughed and laughed but papa didn’t think it was funny. I called him a grumpy old bastard and he shoved it in my mouth. That, he thought was funny.

I still have it. Going to wear it first thing in the morning and wake him up to see what happens. I can’t wait! I’ll tell you all about it if he doesn’t tether me to a tree for a week. It wasn’t very nice of the farmer to give him that idea. Hey, I wonder if he’s noticed he’s missing a rooster yet. Hmm.

Well, goodnight!


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