Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Luna & the Lighthouse 2

Luna decided to build a fire inside the lighthouse. She wanted to illuminate the empty lantern room high above. She thought it would give her friend closure.

It took several days, but she got enough wood for a fire. Luna stole wooden chairs from the auditorium and stacked them high then filled the negative spaces with paper and twigs. The mountain of wood was taller than she was.

A storm was looming the night she decided to light it. The air was calm but the sky was not.

Luna wanted fuel for the fire and headed for a maintenance shed. The rain cut loose and drenched her on the way back.

She doused the kindling with fuel then set the container on the ground. She pulled out a book of matches and lit a piece of paper.

It flickered and the fire slowly grew.

The rain outside pounded loud and the wind picked up. Luna tried to pull her rain soaked dress off her body and watched intently.

The fuel began to accelerate the fire. She backed up.

The container of fuel she left on the ground caught fire. Luna gasped.

A gust of wind blew open the door. It entered the tower and swirled like a cyclone. It collected the fire and twisted through the room.

Luna was trapped. She couldn’t see the door. She pressed with her back against the wall and panicked. She screamed.

A voice yelled from outside. He told her to get out. She had no choice. She covered her face and ran through the flames.

Once outside Jordon threw her to the ground and smothered her. He got up slow and checked to see if she was alright.

The rain drowned them both, the lighthouse became fully engulfed behind them.

Jordon hauled her away.

Luna was lucky and escaped with minor burns. Her hair was singed and had to be cut. It upset her but nothing like the news she got later.

The fire caused too much damage. It destroyed the structure.

Michael had it demolished. He promised to build her a new one.

 And Luna never saw her little friend again.

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