Monday, January 9, 2012


Asa ran out of time to take Luna for a drive. He wasn’t happy about it either. He escorted her home and forced her down the hall. They got to her room, he slammed the door.

Luna crossed her arms. Asa paced in front of her. He offered to let her run but she declined.

He shoved her to the floor. He straddled her and pinned her down. He told her it wasn’t smart to spit in his face. Luna closed her eyes.

Asa examined her neck. He saw her chain was gone and he asked where it was. She opened her eyes and told him it was on the nightstand.

Asa leaned down and kissed her. He entertained his dirty mind and kissed her again.

“I wanted to take you for a ride, Luna. You fucked it up. That’s okay. I’ll get what I want sooner or later… I promise.”

Asa got up and left her there. She got up on her own. He found her chain and fastened it, once again around her neck.

“When I buy you a gift, you fucking wear it. ”

Asa looked around. He started knocking her things on the floor. He opened the window and tossed out a few clothes.

Asa found a bottle of wine. He smiled and told Luna to stand back. He broke it against the wall.

Luna complained. He put her on the floor again, this time face first.

“If you don’t like it when I get pissed off… DON’T piss me off!”

Michael kicked in the door.

“What the fuck’s going on?”

Asa let up. Luna scurried over to Michael.

“I said hands off Asa… What the fuck!”

“The bitch spit in my face,” he said.

Michael paused.

“She what?”

“Luna spit in my face.”

Michael looked down.

“Is that true?”

She nodded yes.

Michael let go of her shoulders and went to remove his belt.

Asa decided to leave and Luna dove under the bed.

Michael sighed and walked on over, to pull her ass back out.

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