Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Chase

Evening came. Michael prepared to head out. Asa caught him before he left. He wanted a word with Luna, about what happened in the garage.

Michael grew concerned.

“Fine… but hands off.”

“No problem.”

“…and she stays here.”


Luna just stood there. She knew better than to speak. Michael threw his jacket over his shoulder and kissed her.

“Good luck,” he said and shut the door.

Luna leaned against the couch. Asa lit a smoke.

“Get over here,” he said.

She did.

“Luna, we have a problem.”

“No, we don’t.”

“Shut up… We should go for a drive.”


“Yes. Let’s go for a drive. Just you and me.”

“I’ll get in trouble!”

“You already are.”

Asa pointed towards the door but Luna didn’t want to go. She didn’t know what he had planned. She didn’t want to find out.

“I don‘t want to…”

“GO! God dammit bitch I swear…”

Asa shoved her. Luna tried to run but Jordon wrapped her up. She stomped on his foot and bit his arm.

He didn’t have to let her go, but he did. Asa swore at him and chased her.

Luna made it outside.

It was raining.

She ran towards Alex’s office. She kept looking back and made a wrong turn.

Luna wound up trapped, in between buildings.

Asa closed in. She begged for mercy. He didn‘t listen. He was angry and had horrible plans for her. Rain dripped from his chin. His shirt, melted to his chest. He tortured her with a smile...

Luna spit in his face. She ran.

She made it to Alex’s place but her key wouldn’t unlock the door. She banged on it hard. No one answered.

Luna leaned against the building and slid to the ground. She buried her head in defeat.

A man came up and grabbed her shoulder. It scared her half to death. She tried to get away.

It was Alex.

He struggled to calm her down but it has hard. She was mad at him for changing the locks.

He tried to coax her inside.

They ran out of time.

Asa showed up.

His gun was drawn and aimed at Alex.

“Luna, come with me or I’ll kill him.”

Luna went to his side. Alex spoke. Asa fired a shot. He missed on purpose.

Asa backed up with Luna in tow.

Alex could only watch.

They disappeared around the corner.

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