Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Rumor

Alex walked down the hall, to leave.

Asa stepped in his way, just to be a prick.

No one else was around.

Alex welcomed the confrontation. He stood very close to Asa.

Neither man moved.

Alex spoke.

“I heard about your car Asa… pity. She fucked up your bike too… what a shame.”

Asa smiled but not because he was happy.

“That bitch is fucked, the next time I see her.”

“Let it go.”


“She threw a tantrum, you can afford it, Asa. You probably deserved it, so leave her alone.”

Alex stepped on by to open the door.

Asa stopped him.

“Oh hey Alex, the next time you see Luna, do me a favor. Tell her she’s fucked. Thanks.”

Alex defended her again.

Asa didn’t like it.

He decided to tell Alex what Luna did at the party. He didn’t leave anything out.

Alex got upset but didn’t let on. He shut the door and left without a word.

He went to find Luna.

He got in her face.

“I just talked to Asa. He told me to tell you, you’re fucked, Luna. Those were his exact words.”

She sighed.

“He’s over reacting.”

“I don’t think he is, sweetheart. I think there’s something you’re not telling me.”

“What did he say to you? Whatever it was… I didn’t do it, okay.”

Alex paused. He turned around and left.

He didn’t believe Luna. He believed Asa this time.

It made more sense.

He was pissed.

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