Thursday, December 8, 2011

Michael Returns 2

The following night, Michael invited the boys over for drinks. It wasn’t wise to turn him down so they all showed up, Asa, Jordon and Alex. Luna was there of course, front and center.

They gathered in the great room, a fire burned in the hearth. It was cold outside. Jordon stood by the door. He never seemed capable of leaving guard duty. Asa sat on the couch in a way to accommodate the alleged size of his balls. Alex sat in a chair and stared at Luna. She sat on the floor in front of the fire.

Michael walked into the room. Luna nearly spilled his drink when she jumped up to greet him. He’d only been gone a few minutes. He sat in his chair. She sat in his lap. Alex turned his attention to the fire and Asa got annoyed.

Luna wore in a little red dress that nowhere near reached her knees. One of the straps kept slinking off her shoulder. She didn’t mind and left it. Michael kept replacing it but stopped after a while.

He was pretty proud of his performance last night. Luna was impressed as well. They flirted and fondled each other throughout the evening. Alex ignored it. Asa lost his mind. He didn’t react but planned to have a word with her about it, the next day.

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