Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Michael Returns 1

Luna couldn’t sleep one night. She wanted to sneak out for a walk but a voice from behind stopped her. He said, “Don’t go.”

Luna froze. It was Michael. He had picked the perfect night to come back, unannounced.

She let go of the door. He took her hand.

He led her back to his place and took her straight to bed. He didn’t waste any time and tangled up with her.

Michael had come back to check on his property.

He played with her hair and kissed her forehead, but something didn’t seem right. Luna did't seem like her usual eager self.

“Have you been faithful,” he asked.

“Of course,” she answered.

 It was true, but only because she had been turned down.

Michael sat up in bed and told Luna to do the same. She did. He told her to face him and she did that too. He asked for her eyes but that proved to be more difficult.

She took a deep breath then looked him in the eyes.

Michael was handsome, she adored that about him. His soft green eyes pined back at her. His typically clean face was covered in stubble. It was unbelievably sexy.

His lips were full, and nearly impossible to turn down when they beckoned her for a kiss. He beckoned her for a kiss.

She melted. They kissed for a moment then Michael took her hand.

“Luna,” he said, “Do you miss me?”

She nodded yes.

“Good, because I’ve missed you too.” Michael pulled her closer and swept her hair to one side.

“Luna, remember when I used to put chocolate chips in your coffee?”

She smiled. She also loved the way he pronounced chocolate, with three syllables.

"Yes sir."

Michael repositioned himself even closer.

“Luna, remember when I used to pick out your clothes?”

She nodded.

“Remember when I used to shower you and comb your hair?“

She grew uncomfortable.

“Do you miss it Luna?” he asked.

She paused then nodded yes. Michael could be possessive at times. He took note of her hesitation and sighed.

“Remember when I’d take you out to eat and feed you with my fingers?”

Luna giggled. She used to bite him whenever she could.

“You miss it, don't you?”

She nodded.

“Me too.”

Michael took a hold of Luna by the ankles and pulled her deeper into bed. He perched on top of her and brushed his thumb across her cheek.

“Remember when I used to take my belt to your ass, when you pissed me off?”

Luna became embarrassed and covered her mouth. Michael raised his brow. He removed her hand and waited for an answer.

She quickly said yes, then put her hand back up. He smiled.

“You miss it Luna, don't you,” he asked.

She left her hand over her mouth and nodded yes.

Michael took her hand away one last time and kissed her.

“I’m coming back for you Luna,” he said and kissed her again.

She whimpered.

He took over.

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