Saturday, June 9, 2012

Don't Touch My Stuff

Luna ran downstairs to meet Michael, but then she ran back up. She forgot to grab the necklace he gave her. He expected to see it on.

The door to her room was open but that wasn’t how she left it, so Luna peeked inside. A stranger was there, he didn‘t see her and decided to take her necklace.

Luna carried a knife, it used to belong to Asa. She held it and walked towards him. He turned around and she stabbed him, then let him keep the knife.

Luna went downstairs, and sauntered up to Michael. She asked him for his help.

“There’s a man upstairs, who took my necklace. Will you please go get it back? He’s still alive, and I don’t want to touch him. He’s bleeding on the floor.”

Michael looked at her, Luna looked away. He left and came back with her necklace. She put it on and they went to dinner. When they got back, she was moved in with him.

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