Friday, June 15, 2012

A Walk In The Park

Luna went on a walk.
She pretended not to notice,
Asa following behind.

He didn’t try to stop her,
he was there to mess with her mind.

The wooded park was cooling down,
night was falling fast.

He let her walk a little deeper.
Suddenly, she ran.

Asa kept up with her,
he barely made a sound.

He let her run to wear her out,
then pushed her to the ground.

Luna looked at the rip in her dress,
Asa lit a smoke.

She thought about standing up again,
but Asa shook his head, no.

Asa asked her a question,
she didn’t know what to say.

He grabbed her chin and asked again,
“Why the fuck did you run away?”

Luna sat very quietly,
and played with the rip in her dress.

She did it to be alone with him,
but didn’t want to confess.

Asa got sick of the silence,
and took her dress by the skirt.

He ripped it even more,
then threw it back in the dirt.

Luna said she was sorry.
He helped her to her feet.

He tore her dress from the neckline down,
very easily.

Luna tried to cover up,
Asa told her to stop.

He kissed her nice the first time,
but after that he was rough.

Asa felt her up,
Luna hid her smile.

Luna heard her name being called,
God damn, if it wasn’t Michael.

His voice grew loud,
the park disappeared.

Luna was dreaming,
passed out in her chair.

She tried to open her eyes,
They opened one at a time.

Both the boys were staring at her,
Michael had taken her wine.

He left to bring her some water,
unaware of her tawdry sin

but Asa could tell by the hole in her dress,
Luna had been thinking of him.

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