Friday, May 29, 2015

Pretty Pretty Please

God dammit.

Maybe I should’ve put on shoes before coming out here to spy on Asa.
Where’d he go anyway.

Ah, there he is and I thought so.
He brought that skank home from the party.
That is disgusting.

Damn shrub.
Stop poking me in the ass.
I'm not in the mood. 

Oh my god.
I think he just saw me.
Hold still, hold very fucking still.

That was close.
Guess I should’ve worn something darker.
And a pair of shoes. 

Oh gross.
They’re laughing.
She’s not funny, you asshole!
You’re just horny.

I was at the party.
You’ve should’ve paid attention to me.
But you didn’t and now you have to pay.

Damn shrub!
I told you to stop poking me in the…

Alex is behind me.
I am so busted.

Hold still, hold very fucking still.
Maybe he doesn’t see me.

He’s picking leaves out of my hair now.
I think he sees me.

Alright, alright! 
I’ll go back inside but I forgot my shoes.
Carry me, please?

Pretty please? 

Pretty, pretty please? 


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