Friday, August 3, 2012

A Living Hell

“Hi Asa.”

“Well hello there, Luna! How is my little porn star?”

“Fuck you, you fucking asshole. Did you show Michael any of those pictures?”

“Fuck no, and don’t talk to me that way.”

“Michael made it sound like he’s seen something.”

“He‘s suspicious, nothing new. Why are you here?”

“Michael said you have to buy me a new camera.”

“Fuck you, he did not.”

“He said he wasn’t going to buy one and so you would have to, so pleeeeease!”

“No fucking way! I can’t believe you have the nerve to even ask.”

“I want a camera GOD DAMMIT! …and if you don’t buy me one, I’m going to do everything I can to make your life a living hell! A LIVING FUCKING HELL GOD DAMMIT!”


“You know I will.”

“Get back here you little bitch! Where you going?”

“Bitch?! Oh, you ain’t seen nothing yet, bitch.”



“God dammit... Luna, I hope you just left to dig yourself a grave.”

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