Saturday, August 25, 2012

At The Party

Alex & Asa

Alex: “Where’s Michael?”
Asa: “Over there.”
“Where’s Luna?”
“Standing outside the men’s room, waiting to suck my dick.”
“Fuck off Asa, I need to talk to her. Where is she?”
“I told you. Go look for yourself. I bet she’s standing in front of the men’s room.”

Alex & Luna

“Luna, what are you doing outside the men’s room?”
“Oh hi Alex, nothing.”
“Good then you won’t mind if we go for a walk.”
“Have you seen Asa?”
“No, I haven’t. Ready?”
“Um, sure.”

Michael & Asa

Michael: “Have you seen, Luna?”
Asa: “She just left on a walk with Alex.”
“What the fuck for? I told her to come right back.”
“Want me to hunt her down?”

Asa & Alex

Asa: “Where’s Luna?”
Alex: “Oh hey prick, she’s headed to the ladies room, had to rinse out her mouth. Don’t be too mad at her, she had better taste than to wait around for you.”

Luna & Michael

“Luna, where the hell have you been?”
“The line at the bathroom was really long.”
“That’s not where you’ve been.”
“Have you seen Asa?”
“Shut up and sit down.”

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