Sunday, July 21, 2013



“Hi Anthony. How are you today? …My non-social, muted guard. I still don’t understand why they hired you. Least you could do is talk to me.

That’s a very lovely black shirt you have on there, Anthony. It matches your black pants, black shoes and black jacket. It kind of reminds of what you wore yesterday… a black shirt, black pants, black shoes and matching jacket. Weird.

I’d like to see you in something I don’t know, not black. I’d like to see you in blue jeans! Well, I’d like to see you in nothing at all but lucky for you, I would never say such an inappropriate thing. I'm classy like that., always taking the high road.

Oh, and speaking of classy... Do you like my new stilettos? Check out the cleats on the bottom. I made them myself. As soon as I get them strapped on, I want to go show them to Asa.

I know he probably told you not to tell me where he is but I want you to lead the way. Think you can handle it?

Okay I’m ready to go.

Let’s go.

I said let’s go!

Take me to Asa, god dammit!

Listen, you’re new around here Anthony but let me fill you in on something you’ll soon learn.  I make the rules around here, so just do yourself a fucking favor and take me to Asa.

Anthony, if you don’t take me to Asa right now, I’m going to stomp on your foot with my new shoes. What do you think of that, bitch!

Asa:     “ANTHONY! Whoa hey buddy! Put the girl down! Put Luna down... there you go... release the headlock…easy, easy. Perfect. Luna what the hell is going on here?”

Luna: “Hi Asa. Do you remember last night when you told me I was a mouthy spoiled rotten brat that would never amount to anything, doesn’t know when to shut up and can’t control her temper?”

Asa: “Yeah, so what?”


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