Thursday, October 23, 2014

Public Indecency


“Luna, I don’t know how you got a hold of a squirt gun but put that away.
I said, put it away!
That’s not funny and you’re going to pay for that.
Cut it out, god dammit!
That’s it. I’ll take that, thank-you.
Ha! Not so funny now, is it.
What’s wrong, don’t you trust me?
Whoops, sorry.
Itchy trigger finger.
There it goes again! 
Ha! Right in the forehead.
You know, I kind of like this thing.
Hey, give it back.
Luna, I said give it back.
Luna, you’ve got one last chance to give that back or I’m going to…
Not in the crotch, god dammit!
You’re in deep shit when we get home.
Oh hello, ma’am.
Yes, we’re ready to order.”

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