Monday, April 13, 2015

Extra Sharp

Alex:  Luna, what are you doing?

Luna:  Cutting off a slice of cheese.

Alex:  Why are you using a butter knife?

Luna:  Because papa hid all the other ones.

Alex:  Can’t blame him for that. Here, let me help you.

Luna:  No. I can do it.

Alex:  Come on, you’re scaring me.

Luna:  I got this!

Alex:  I don’t think you do.

Luna:  Check it out, it’s almost working…

Alex:  Great. Now it’s on the floor.

Luna:  Dammit.

Alex:  Now what are you going to do?

Luna:  Eat the whole thing.

Alex:  Please don’t take a bite out of the block.

Luna:  *does anyway*

Alex:  Luna, that’s terrible. Where are your manners?

Luna:  Next to the really sharp knives somewhere.

Alex:  Well, bon appetit little mouse because I’m taking the butter knives too.

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