Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Luna Chapter 3 Addendum

Addendum to Luna Chapter 3 conclude section 2

Asa made-out with Luna on the floor and told her to relax. He wanted a change of scenery. Once she did, he got up then helped her to her feet. She teetered a bit.

“Careful,” he said.

Asa didn’t need to slip her anything to get what he wanted but he had. He grabbed his drink then led her to his bedroom. She’d been there a few times before. He kept it hellishly warm.

Luna sat at on his bed and Asa stood in front of her. His smile was criminal. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and one-by-one, released his wicked zoo of tattoos. His chest was covered with tortured souls, each creature was deformed in some way.

Luna thought they were beautiful, though. She loved them, all of them except for one.

Asa hung his shirt on the bed post then turned back to Luna. He moved her hair out of the way then started to unbutton her dress.

The tattoo she hated was staring back at her now, the image of a hideous woman on her hands and knees. Her tongue hung as low as her tits and her eyes were crossed. They glowed in the shadow of her blue hood.

Luna looked away but didn’t want to offend Asa. She focused on his face instead. His grin had widened and he was close to bearing teeth. He told Luna to finish undressing and watched while finishing his drink.

He pointed for Luna to get into bed and she tumbled under the covers, very excited. She considered his attention a privilege and couldn’t wait.

It was unfortunate though, since only Asa remembered the rest.

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