Thursday, October 13, 2011

Luna Introduced

Luna was an 18 year old trouble maker, living in a mansion with Michael. He was a lot older than her. She brought out the worst in him, and did so for entertainment. When her charm expired, he took the opportunity to travel for business and came home on the weekend.

Alex was hired to keep an eye on her the rest of the time, which he did. He was a chivalrous man, a rugged blonde with an accent. It dismantled Luna. She loved to flirt with him.

Asa was hired to provide security for the mansion. He was an evil man with a god complex. His head was shaved and body covered in tattoos, most were sacrelige. A strange relationship spawned between Asa and Luna. An affair.

Alex and Asa didn't get along. One played nice, the other did not. Michael refused to get involved and told them to work it out. They never did.Luna couldn't keep them seperate. She couldn't keep a secret either.

Welcome, welcome to the madness.

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  1. This holds a wealth of possibilities. Turn it loose, girl.