Thursday, October 20, 2011

Luna vs. Alex 3

Alex didn’t bother Luna the rest of the day but that night, he told her to get her ass out onto the patio. A nervous candle sat on the table along with all the contents of her bag. Each item was laid out like criminal evidence. Much of it was.

He used his foot to push out a chair for her to sit on. She took it then glanced over the table: two bottles of wine, a pack of cigarettes, a container of weed, stray bullets, a porno mag and lingerie. Alex leaned back in his chair.

“What the hell are you doing with all this shit in your school bag?” She looked up, a little apologetic.

“The wine…,” he said, “I’m not shocked you have it, but where did you get it from?”

“Asa,” she mumbled.

“Wonderful,” he said, “Did he give it to you or did you steal it.” Luna pretended to be deaf.

“It doesn’t matter,” he decided then went on.

“And the cigarettes? Were those a gift from Asa?” She didn’t answer. He crumpled up the pack then waited.

“No. I stole them,” she fessed up.

Alex picked up the film container full of weed next and gave it a shake.

“This explains your shitty school work as of late.” Luna kept her eye on the container while he spoke.

“Did you steal this from Asa too?” he asked. She didn't hear him though, she was too busy trying to think of a way to get it back.

“Answer me!” he shouted. Alex dropped his fist to the table and everything jumped including Luna. With the last of his composure, he asked her again.

“Did you steal this from Asa or did he give it to you?”

“I stole it.” 

“From Asa?”

She nodded to confirm. He shook his head.

“That’s great Luna …just great.”

Alex picked up one of the bullets he found at the bottom of her bag. He held it between his fingers then after a moment, grew very concerned.

“Oh my god Luna, Don’t tell me you have a gun, …do you?” He cut her off before she could answer.

“Tell me the truth, now because this is serious.” This time he waited.

“No,” she said, “I don’t have a gun,” 

“Promise me you don’t have a gun,” he repeated.

“I promise!” she said and crossed her heart, “I don’t have a gun. I’ve never even shot one.”

“Then why is there ammo in your bag?” he asked.

“Because they’re shiny and cool looking,” Luna said. He didn’t question the bullets anymore. She really was that easy to entertain.

Alex looked down then picked up the porn magazine. He spoke and thumbed through the pages.

“What’s this doing in your school bag?”

“It’s educational,” she said, “I could do a book report on it for you, if you’d like.” Luna cracked a smile.

“No you won’t,” he said glaring.

Alex set the magazine down.

It nudged a bullet and sent it rolling across the table. When it hit the floor, he reached down to pick it up. Luna grabbed the weed.

“Why do you have lingerie in your school bag?” he asked and put the ammunition back.

“It’s none of your business,” she replied.

“Oh, but it is Luna,” he said grinning, “It is my business and I get paid a lot of money to make it my business so get used to it.”

Just then, Luna sneezed. She held her hands over her face. He could tell she wanted permission to leave. He gave her his handkerchief instead. She wiped her nose and fingers off. He wrapped up the lecture.

“Luna, I can tell when you’re up to no good. I’m not stupid and you’re not pulling anything over on me.”

Alex held out his hand. Luna figured she was busted and pulled the weed from her pocket She gave it to him then lowered her head.

He looked in his hand then back at her, “I wanted my handkerchief back.”

Luna was embarrassed. She gave him back the handkerchief then banged her head on the table a few times. She remained face down until he asked for her attention.

“Tell you what, sweetheart, we’ll start right now with a clean slate and if you can manage one week without pissing me off, I’ll give you your shit back. None of this is included.”

“Why? Why can’t I have my underwear back?” she asked him.

“Take your god damn underwear,” he replied so she did.

“Why do you get to swear but I can’t.” she asked.

“Because you are a lady, and I am not,” he explained, “We‘re done here so why don’t you go check out your room. It’s been redecorated.”

Luna got worried and headed down the hall. She spotted an elderly staff member leaving her room with a box and hollered but they shuffled away. When Luna got to her room, she found it bare, empty except for her bed and a few clothes. Luna turned to protest. Alex stood in the doorway.

“One week,” he said, “Do not piss me off, or all your shit becomes mine. Good-night,” he said.

Alex flipped the light off, then left.

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  1. Can't a girl just have some fun? :)