Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Alex assigned Luna a paper then decided not to remind her. Soon after that, she conveniently forgot.

The night before it was due, he asked if it was ready. Luna said it was really too late to start. The library was closed, he pulled out his keys and told her to meet him there.

Her paper was all about marbles, she brought a few of them with. She set down her bag and took off her coat, to reveal her latest stunt. Her leggings couldn’t reach, what her skirt didn’t cover. Luna was barely dressed.

She bent over to reach in her bag, expecting him to complain. Alex did something different and grabbed a hold of her ass.

Luna let out a curse. He told her not to swear. Marbles began to scatter.

He told her to let go of the very last two,

and grinned when they hit the floor.

To be continued…

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