Monday, May 28, 2012


Luna and Alex were playing a game, when Luna decided to cheat. She peeked at the tiles when he wasn‘t looking, he’d left to mix up a drink.

When it was her turn to play she spelled her name, with newly acquired letters. Alex let her take the score then next to it, he played the word ‘cheated.’

Luna rolled her eyes, then she stared at her letters, it seemed for a really long time. She suddenly snickered and bumped the table. Her tiles fell flat on their face.

She picked them up and put them back, then played a four letter word. She was proud, He was not and took down her sad little score.

Alex played the word ‘carpet.’ Luna started to laugh. He wanted to know what was so funny. She couldn’t talk. She couldn’t stop laughing and eventually forfeit her turn.

Alex put down the word ‘chaste’ and asked if she knew what it meant. Luna lied and said yes.

He wanted to hear it in a sentence. She found something to say.

“I liked it the other day, when you ‘chaste’ me around.”

Alex smirked and told her to play.

She wanted to play something else. His hand began to wander, then someone slammed a door. Michael was home in the room below, they quickly hid the game.

Luna was supposed to be studying. Alex was hired to help.

Michael came in to check on his girl, a tile was stuck in her hair. He pulled it out and set it down, then left to mix up a drink.

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