Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rocks III

Luna went upstairs but she didn’t write a paper. Alex decided to flunk her. She didn’t care, she was mad at Michael for setting the whole thing up.

She spent the night thinking of ways, to keep the lady away. But none of them worked, it was time to go. Luna wanted to fight.

They let her in the side door, the front door didn’t work. Luna said she didn’t do it.

The lady came in. Luna scowled. She was pretty and it wasn’t fair. Then Asa walked in behind her, his eyes were glued to her ass.

Luna wanted to scream but offered to make drinks instead. She didn’t take anyone’s order and left before anyone could speak.

She came back in and set down the drinks, then sipped her wine in the corner.

The lady got mad halfway down. The rocks in her drink were real. Michael took it to see for himself. Alex wasn’t surprised.

Asa went for a cigarette. The lady followed him out. Luna wanted to join them but Michael caught up with her hair.

He drug her into the kitchen and proceeded to bitch her out. Alex heard every word.

Michael wanted an apology but Luna didn‘t have one to offer, so he hauled her ass upstairs. He locked her up and came back down. The party went on without her.

Luna bribed a guard with money from Michael’s wallet. Once outside, not sure no where to go, Asa came up behind her.

He hauled her back to Michael, who was mad but so was she. There were rocks still left in her pocket.

She threw them hard, and everyone got one before Michael wrapped her up. No one ever saw the lady again. Such a pity she decided to leave.

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