Saturday, December 14, 2013


“Luna, you look cold
Come here
That’s right
Climb inside my jacket
The wind has picked up
And put a chill in the air
Are you getting warmer?
I can feel your hands
Little lady
They’re frozen
We’ll go home soon
I just want to stay
A little bit longer
The stars are amazing tonight
And the moon is so bright
It stands out like you do
My dear
In a room full of pinpricks
Come on
Don’t fall asleep Luna
Look at the sky
There’s a star just waiting
To fall for you.
Did you see it?
A falling star!
You saw it didn’t you?
What are the odds
Okay well
I guess we can go now
Sorry if you’re cold
What’s that?
You want to stay?
Alright then
But just a little bit longer
What are you doing
Hey hey hey
Let go of my belt!
Knock that off
Knock it off, Luna
Or I’ll take you straight home 
I’m not kidding
God you’re persistent
Go get in the car
And thanks a lot
For the hard-on
God dammit.”

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