Saturday, December 28, 2013

Aye Papa

“The boys are speaking Spanish again.
Hate it when they do that.
Actually, it’s sexy as hell but I want to know what they’re saying.
Asa sounds pissed.
Hope he’s not mad at me.
Shit! I just heard my name.
Great, now Alex is mad too.
I have a feeling I’m in deep shit.
Wonder what for...
Could be a plethora of things, really.
Wish I could sneak out of here.
Can’t a girl rummage through a few coats in private anymore?
Uh-oh. Heard my name again.
I’m so fucked.
Wonder if Alex finally noticed the dent in his car.
Wonder if he thought it was Asa.
I wonder if…
Holy shit. Preparing to run in three, two…”

Asa:  “Hello Luna, missing something?”

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