Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Garden Party


“Pretty afternoon for a party.
Wonder where Luna is.
Caught a glimpse of her back at the house, 
Dancing around in her sundress.
Pretty girl.
There she is, down by the fountain.
Playing in the water.
I should go tell her to stop.
On second thought, 
She’d probably get me wet.
I’ll whistle instead,
And get her to come over here.
Well, that didn’t work.
Everyone looked over but her.
Lost in her own little world.
Who’s this guy,
That’s brought her a pretty flower.
I should go punch him in the face.
I should get a grip!
What’s wrong with me.
Can’t help it.
That girl brings out the worst in me, sometimes.
Look, she’s smiling.
And she took his stupid flower.
I have to break this up.
Wait a minute, 
Asa’s beat me to it.
This ought to be good.
Well, he didn’t have to steal her flower.
Or throw it on the ground.
Uh-oh, he stomped on it.
That won’t go over well.
Oh, Luna don’t you dare…
I knew someone was going to get wet.
Run Luna, run!
Such a pretty day for a party.”

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