Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wood Shop


“Mister Hansen!
I’d like you to meet Luna.
She’s going to be in your woodworking class this year.
And I’d like to go over a few rules just for her.
First of all, don’t let her use any saws.
Only glue but not the super kind.
No power tools,
Especially if they shoot things.
And no sand paper,
Don’t ask.
No welding or anything else that involves a torch.
And no paint unless you want your office redone.
She’s short but don’t underestimate her reach,
She’ll have your shirt unbuttoned in no time.
That wasn’t a figure of speech.
I expect her to wear a hardhat and safety glasses, 
At all times.
You know maybe the whole class should wear them.
All the time.
Say hi to Mr. Hansen, Luna.
With all five fingers.
That’s better.
Well good luck, sir!
I guess we’ll see you around.”

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