Monday, November 10, 2014

Bad Day


“Hi Luna,
I heard you had a bad day.
Sorry sweetheart,
Tomorrow will be better.
You’ll see.

Want to talk about it?
Okay then.
Could you at least do me a favor and stop throwing darts?
Aim at the board then.
That’s better.
Kind of.

So, tell me what happened.
Did someone make you mad?
Who was it.
It was me?
That’s absurd!

Hey, let go of my tie.
Let go of my tie, hon.
Come on now, let go.

What did I do to make you mad?

Well in all fairness,
You were going to get in trouble anyway,
And I just wanted to watch.

Give me those darts.
And for the last time, let go of my tie.

God, you’ve got one hell of a grip.
Think I'll get out of here before you grab something else.

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