Thursday, October 31, 2013



“Luna! Are you doing what I think you’re doing?”


“Luna! We’re in public. Stop it.”

“No one can tell. Besides, it’s kind of fun.”

“Knock it off before someone sees you.”

“Does it bother you? To know what I’m doing?”

“Yes, it does and you’ve got three seconds to stop it before I tie your hands behind your back for the rest of the day.”

Asa:  “Hi there. Whoa Luna! Were you just doing what I think you were doing?”


Michael:  “Yes.”

“Was not.”

“Get your fingers out of your mouth.”

Asa:  “Can we get out of this fucking store already?”

Michael:  “Good idea.”

Luna:  “Wait! No one’s bought me anything yet.”

Michael:  “God forbid. Well, this ought to do.”

Luna:  “I don’t have any use for a necktie.”

Michael:  “Yes you do...”

Asa:  “Nice. That’ll keep her hands from wandering.”

Luna:  “Oh, come on. This is stupid.”

Michael:  “Walk over to the register so I can pay for the tie.”

Luna:  “No way! And if you make me, I'll tell the dude exactly why my hands are tied behind my back.”

Asa:  “And another tie for the mouth. Saw that coming.”

Michael:  “Much better. Let’s get out of here."

Asa:  “Me fucking first.”

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