Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Wedding: Finale

Luna ran through the pouring rain and made it back to the church. The music played inside. She hid among the coats in the closet and spied on the people walking by.

Lightning struck, the lights went out. It caused a stir for a while. But candles were lit and arrangements made, the wedding was about to start.

The organ cued, guests hurried into the chapel. Luna stayed behind. She sat in the closet and wondered what Asa had planned.

The bride walked down the aisle, Luna wanted a peek. She slipped from the closet and towards the door then slowly pushed it aside.

It was very hard to see. The bride had reached the groom but Asa had taken his place. She screamed in horror then dropped her pretty bouquet.

The party began to talk, everyone a bit confused. Luna smiled and grew more curious. She walked further into the room.

The groom walked in behind her and pointed a gun at Asa but Luna was in the way. Michael plowed over seated guests and hauled her ass outside.

Asa disappeared during the distraction. They gathered back at the house. Michael was mad but Asa just laughed and admired his trampled bouquet.

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