Sunday, February 3, 2013

An Ounce of Indiscretion


“Luna, what are you doing out in the rain?”

“Waiting for you to open up your stupid door! What the hell took you so long?”

“Well first of all little missy, I wasn’t expecting company this late and second of all, once I realized someone was here, I took a moment to pray to god it wasn’t you.”

“That wasn’t very nice. Are you going to let me in or not.”

“Have you run away again?”


“Fuck Luna, why do you always come here when you get into trouble?”


“Fine, come in but I’m calling Michael.”

 “Never mind, I’ll go somewhere else then.”

“Get back here, it’s too nasty out. I take it back, I won’t call him... not right away at least.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to be a burden on you.”

“Yes you do and too late. Take off your coat and put it on the rack. Can I get you something to drink?”

“Yes! Vodka, please.”

“A glass of water it is. Sit down and don’t touch anything. I’ll be right back.”


~~~  ~~~  ~~~

“LUNA! What the fuck did you do to my room?”

“I redecorated it.”


“Because you told me not to touch anything, like I’m some stupid kid or something.”


“I didn’t break anything, for the most part.”


“I’ll put everything back where I found it.”

“STOP! Don’t move. Sit back down and I’ll fix it later.”

“Fine but I was just trying to be nice.”

*dirty look*


“Take your glass of water and tell me what happened, Luna. Why are you here?”

“Michael said he’s leaving tonight to go back to work, says it’s important.”

“Really? He just got back into town yesterday, strange. You don’t get to spend much time with him anymore, do you?”

“No. I’m not important.”

“Don’t say that Luna, you know it’s not true. When does his flight leave?”


“It’s past that now, he’s already gone.”

“Good! Good riddens.”

“I feel bad for you sweetheart, I really do. How about I let you have ONE shot of vodka.”

“That would be awesome!”

“Hold on and I’ll be right back, but I don’t want any more surprises out of you tonight. No more!”

“Got it.”

~~~  ~~~  ~~~

“Okay Luna, here’s a shot of vodka and… what the hell happened to all your clothes?”

“They were wet from the rain and awfully uncomfortable, so I took them off.”

“Then use a couple pillows to cover up with!”

“If you insist.”

“I insist!”

“Sir, did you just take my shot?”

“Yes I did. I’ll be right back with the bottle.”

~~~  ~~~  ~~~

“Alex! What the hell happened to all your clothes?”

“You got them wet Luna, they were awfully uncomfortable. So, you still want a shot of vodka?”

“I think I’ve got more than one stiff drink to choose from.”

“You’re in so much trouble little missy.”

“You’re a very bad teacher, sir but I like this side of you!”

“And I like the backside of you, so stop talking and bring it on over here.”

“Okay, but are you still mad at me for…”


“But are you still…”

“I said shush.”




“Let go of the pillows, Luna.”

~~~  ~~~  ~~~

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