Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Alex: “Where did Luna go?”

Asa: “She’s outside building a snowman, check it out.”

“Oh dear, she certainly is. I don’t think that’s traditionally where the carrot goes.”

“No and I don’t think Frosty had coal for testicles either.”

“Makes me wonder what’s in store for his face.”

“Well, she brought out a bag. God only knows what’s in it.”

“Ah I see, she’s reaching in there now and found something.”

“No fucking way...”

“Did she just use a dildo for his nose?”

“Yup and she’s fallen over, laughing about it.”

“Precious. Now she’s making snow angels.”

“I don’t think you can call them angels when Luna does them.”

“Now what is she doing?”

“Back in the bag and this time she’s found a pair of sunglasses. Those look familiar.”

“Hey, those are my fucking mine!”

“Aw… and look at how she bending them to fit his face.”

“God dammit, Luna.”

“Don’t stop her, this is entertaining!”

“Did she just whip out a bra?”

“Bright red in color.”

“Poor fucking snowman.”

“It’s not for him, apparently she just needed a hat.”

“Oh that’s stunning, safe to say she’s been drinking then?”


“Oh look, I think she’s had enough. She’s on her hands and knees and… OH MY GOD she’s sucking off the carrot.”

“In fine form, too.”

“This is just wrong. I should go put a stop to this.”

“Then why haven’t you moved.”

“All in good time.”

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