Sunday, May 4, 2014


“Hi there!
You must be Luna.
My name is Lucas. 
I’m Michael’s brother.
You nearly fell down.
You’re a shy one, aren’t you.
I can tell.
Michael told me all about you. 
But he forgot to mention how pretty you are.
Oh sorry, didn’t mean to make you blush.
Please don’t hide that little face of yours.
Say, I was headed to the kitchen but got lost.
Do you think you could you point the way?
You don’t have to take me yourself Luna.
I hate to bother you and I’m sure I could find it.
But holding your hand is nice.
Ah, here it is.
How did I miss it!
You’re very helpful, Luna.
I hear someone coming, perhaps it’s Michael.
Why are you hiding in the cupboard?
Silly girl.
My mistake, not Michael.
Jesus christ.
I’ve never met you.
Lucas, my pleasure I think.
What’s that?
You’re looking for Luna?
Haven’t seen her.
See you around then…
You fucking freak."

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