Wednesday, May 7, 2014



“This party is crazy and way too loud.
I need to take a break.
Sweet, there’s Asa’s car.
Wonder if it’s unlocked.
Fuck yes, I’m crawling inside.
Man, I love this car.
Love how it smells.
And it’s really fun to drive!
Michael would never let me drive.
Alex wouldn’t either but Asa taught me how.
Don’t know what they’re so afraid of.
Not like having a car would get me in any more trouble than I….
Holy shit! The keys are in the ignition.
Man, wish I wasn’t so tanked. 
I’d love to take it for a drive.
Maybe he wouldn’t notice if I just went around the block.
You know, it’s really weird Asa forgot his keys.
And left his car unlocked.
Wait a minute… 
I know what’s going on here.
I bet he’s trying to set me up, just to get me in trouble!
Well fuck that. 
It ain’t going to work, this time.
Speak of the devil. There he is and he's headed right this way.
I’ll show him.
I can be a good girl when I want to be. 
Hey, what’s he doing?
That’s weird.
He’s getting into another car.
And it looks an awful lot like this one.
I’m in somebody else’s car!
Fuckity, fuck, fuck fuck. Get me out of this stupid thing before somebody sees me, holy shit!
God dammit, I hate cars.
Stupid fucking cars. 
Don’t do anything but get me in trouble.

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