Saturday, May 17, 2014


Michael:  “Will one of you go find Luna, I don’t trust her at a party like this.”

Asa:  “I see her, boss. She’s over there, making out with a lamp in the corner.”

Alex:  “Christ, how embarrassing. I’ll go get her.”

Asa:  “She stopped. Some guy is talking to her now.”

Michael:  “Who, do you recognize him?”

Alex: “Not I.”

Asa:  “Me neither.”

Alex:  “He seems harmless.”

Asa:  “Then he’s probably a cop, you stupid prick.”

Alex:  “He’s not a cop. What the fuck is wrong with you? You paranoid pansy.”

Michael:  “Both of you shut up and one of you go get her.”

Asa:  “Where did she go?”

Alex:  “I see her.  She’s on the floor unplugging the lamp.”

Asa:  “What for?”

Alex:  “Oh Jesus!”

Asa:  “That had to hurt.”

Alex:  “Wonder what that guy said to piss her off.”

Asa:  He probably told her he was a cop, idiot.”

Alex:  “Oh fuck off! Seriously.”

Michael:  “For the last time, will one of you go get her!”

Asa:  “It’s okay boss, she’s headed this way.”

Michael:  “Thank god.” 

Alex:  “Is she really bringing the lamp with her?”

Asa:  “That’s weird.”

Michael:  “Very weird.”

Asa:  “Fuck, I’m out of here.”

Alex:  “Me too.”

Michael:  “Pansies.”

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