Thursday, May 15, 2014


Alex to Luna:

“What’s with the paint gun, sweetie? 
You look mad. 
Was it something I said? 
Maybe we could talk about it.
Okay, maybe not.
That hurt, Luna. We’re a little close to be…
Ow, fuck!
Fine, I’ll back up.
You had to pick hot pink, didn’t you. 
You aim a little higher, young lady.
Okay, you know what? Just stop shooting.
Cut it out!
That’s it....
I’ve got your weapon now. It’s not so funny anymore, is it!
Hmmm, I’ve never shot one of these before.
Hahaha! A direct hit.
Sorry, Luna.
And another one!
I really do apologize.
This is fun! 
No, you can’t have it back.
No, I won’t stop using sound effects either.
Where are you going? 
Please don’t walk away.  
Dammit, she’s still walking away.
Oh dear, the temptation is killing me.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! 
Right in the keister.
Don’t look at me that way, you had it coming. 
And you probably have this one coming, too! 
Oh shit. 
Seem to be out of ammo.
Hi, Luna! 
My sweet, little, precious, Luna.
Don’t come any closer, okay?
I’m not kidding, you’re scaring me.
Oh dear.
Fuck it.
I’m running.”

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