Saturday, March 29, 2014


“Wake up, Luna… 
You’re having a bad night.

A tree came down and broke through your window.
It landed on your bed and nearly killed you.

You’re lucky to be alive.

I’ve been wanting to chop that tree down forever, you know.
But no. You wouldn’t let me.
You said it had to stay.
Something about the birds.
The stupid, fucking birds.

Try not to move, babe.
I haven’t got all the glass out, yet.
You’re covered in cuts and so am I.

It wasn’t easy to get you out of there, you know.
You’re lucky I found you.

Keep your eyes open, babe.
Can you speak to me?
Say something.

I didn’t say flip me off but at least you have the strength.

See, I told you not to move. 
Hurts like hell, doesn’t it.

Don’t get upset, babe.
That won’t help either.

Why the fuck would you flip me off anyway, Luna?
I’ve always been on your side.

I know you don’t like some of the shit I say. 
But listen to me when I...

What the fuck was that?
Did you hear something?

It sounded like it came from the hallway.

What’s going on out there?

No answer.
Fuck. That’s no good. 
Where’s my gun.

I’m sure it’s nothing, babe.
But I need to go check it out.

Hey Luna, keep your eyes open.
God dammit. 
Go to sleep then and I’ll be right back.

Kills me to see you like this, you know.
So much blood on such a pretty girl.”

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