Monday, March 24, 2014


Luna went home that night, high on Alex. She cranked her music and danced around til well after the sun had set. Meanwhile, the storm outside intensified.

Her music abruptly ended, thanks to Asa’s fist. She froze to see him there. He charged like a bull then threw her. She landed on the bed.

“You fucking kissed him!” Asa yelled, ripping off his jacket. 

“It was no big deal!” she said. 

“Oh! So, you think I’m overreacting?” 

Asa moved towards her.

“No,” she cowered and tried to get away.

Asa quickly trapped her. He backed her into a corner. He narrowed his eyes and then he stood on her feet. 

“Don’t ever let that happen again,” he warned her, while pressing down a bit more.

A tree started to pine at the window. Branches scratched at the glass. It aggravated the tense situation. 

“I’ll KILL that mother fucker!” Asa yelled without warning. 

Lightning flashed and the power went out. Thunder shook the room. 

Asa swore then pushed her. 

“You’re lucky. I’ve got to go.”

He lit a candle then a smoke. Luna stood in the corner.

“Go to bed,” he told her at the door. “We’ll finish this in the morning.”

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