Saturday, March 8, 2014


Luna went back to her room and played with Michael’s tie. She liked how it felt on her cheek. It was shiny and red, and matched the color of his face whenever she pissed him off. 

She liked to piss him off. Sometimes he even deserved it. Luna was starting to miss him though and found a reason to go bug him again. 

She combed her hair then put on his tie and little of anything else but down the hall there was another voice, it was Alex. Michael wasn’t alone. 

Luna hid and listened. She was the topic of conversation. Alex caught her and Asa earlier, in the back of Asa’s car.

Michael rolled his eyes. 

“I’ve tried to separate those two before. I don’t like the shit they pull and I better not catch them myself,” he said, “But honestly Alex, I’m too busy with my own indiscretions to warrant an intervention. Besides, he’s willing to put up with her and that’s not easy to do.”

Alex rolled his eyes. 

“Asa is a terrible influence on her.” 

“I know,” Michael admitted, “The situation isn’t ideal but that girl is just fine. I spend a lot of money to keep her safe and happy. I pay you enough, don’t I? Is that why you’re here?”

“No, I’m concerned about Luna.”

“I think you’re jealous of Asa but whatever. I have no problem paying you more but watch her extra close this week. She’s up to something.”

Luna snuck back to her room and closed the door. She wasn’t up to anything at all. Not yet, anyways. She walked to her dresser and took off the tie then strangled a bouquet of flowers. 

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