Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dirty Dancing

Alex to Asa:

“Have you seen Luna?”

“She’s over there dancing.”

“Oh god, so she is.”

“At least everyone’s keeping their distance.”

“Especially the way she’s swinging that bottle around.”

“Oh fuck! That guy did not see that coming.”

“Didn’t even faze her.”

“She hasn’t been this drunk in a while.”

“At least she’s happy.”

“Holy shit!”

 “That had to hurt.”

“I think she clocked the same fucking dude!”

“He needs to watch where he’s going.”

 “And Luna still has no fucking clue.”

“He’s getting up a lot slower this time.”

“And Luna finally sees him there.”

“Oh dear. Did she just hit him for fun?”

“Yup, I gotta go.”

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