Wednesday, February 26, 2014



“Where’s your paper that’s due today?”


“You have a paper due today.”


“…on being punctual.”

“That was a stupid assignment.”


“I really thought you were kidding.”

“You are always late, with everything you do.”

“Am not!”

“Then where’s your paper?”

“It’ll be done next week as I am currently first studying the negative effects of unpunctual type behavior before studying the positive type behavior so as to provide a complete, non-partial and unbiased view of the afore mentioned topic, you see.”

“Park it and start writing.”

“Fine. So are you going to sit there and stare at me the whole time?”


“Great. That’s not distracting at all. Now, I’ve forgot what the assignment was about.”


“Oh, I remember now. This’ll be easy, pay attention. This is a comma, this is a period and this is an exclamation point!”


“Sometimes the exclamation points are upside down and I don’t know what that’s all about but I think it’s funny.”

“You think that’s funny do you?”



“Ouch! Hey, where did you get a ruler and how the hell do you expect me to write after you smack my hand?”


“Ow! Hey it stings on the thigh, too.”

“Punctuality. Start writing and prove to me you understand it.”

“How about I prove it by making reservations for us tonight and we not be late?”


“Come on! It’s either that or you can sit here and stare at me while I don’t write a god damn thing for the next couple of hours.”


“God dammit, give me that thing!”


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