Tuesday, February 11, 2014



“Crazy party, eh? So you must be the new girl.
My name is drunk and I am so fucked up right now, yay.
Wanna shot?
No? Good, I didn’t want to share it.
Not my beverage of choice but hey, you steal what you can.
Oh great. Now we’re being stared at.
See that guy in the shadows over there?
He is the biggest asshole on the planet.
He’s also sexy as fuck and hung like a horse but he is mean.
A total badass.
Ain’t nothing that prick wouldn’t do to a woman to pleasure himself.
Not that I would know.
Anyway, he’s watching us.
You look nervous.
Am I making you nervous?
It must be my hand on your thigh.
Sorry, I need a little assistance to remain upright at this point.
Sure you don’t want a shot?
Oh look! Alex is here, yay.
He’s a pretty cute guy too but he does NOT put out.
Matter of fact he’s a downright tease.
That’s okay, I like a challenge.
I’ll break that man one of these days.
NOTHING will stand in my way, know that sister.
Oh shit, Michael is here. 
I gotta go.
Hey lighten up, will you? You’re at a fucking party.
And by the way, I love your long red hair.”

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