Sunday, April 6, 2014

Formally Charged

“Hi there!”

“Well, hello there little one and what is your name?”

“Luna and yours?”

“You can call me sir.”

“That’s a little formal, don’t you think?”

“Well this is a formal occasion. It’s appropriate. Say, aren’t you the girl that resides with Michael?”


“I thought so. And that wretched body guard of his.”


“Grrr. That’s the one. He’s nothing but a reptilian freak, covered in tattoos. What a poor excuse for a man.”


“I should watch what I say. *chuckle* He’s probably slithering around here somewhere. No doubt high on cocaine and hitting on married women.”


“Um what, Luna.”

“Is that your wife over there, talking to Asa?”

“Gladys! Well, I’ll be damned.”

“She looks happy, seems to be having a very good time.”

“I should go interrupt this nonsense.”

“Then why don’t you?”

“I’ll be honest with you, little one. That prick scares the shit out of me. I’ll wait til he leaves then go ask that woman of mine, what the hell is she thinking! We don’t need to be seen socializing with such rubbish.”

“Asa is a really charming guy when he wants to be. See, he’s even lighting her cigarette.”

“What! Dear god, in the forty years of marriage I’ve never known that woman to smoke. I feel faint.”

“Take a seat. It’ll be okay. I’m going to break this up myself.”

“With a slingshot?! Good god, I order you to put that down. What kind of young lady carries around a slingshot?”

“It’s just for shooting grapes at people.”

“Luna, you must be a handful.”

“Speaking of handfuls. Asa just got one of your wife’s butt.”

“Aim low, little one. You don’t want to poke out an eye.”

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