Saturday, April 19, 2014

Party Trick


“This party sucks. 
I’m bored.
Where are all the bitches at?
At least the music’s loud.
Not in the mood for conversation.
Check out that drunk couple in the corner.
Bet they don’t know I can see them.
Holy fuck! Pretty sure they don’t know.
This party just got a fuck of a lot more interesting.
Chic’s really digging the guy but he looks hesitant.
Come on, man.
Bang that bitch!
Ain’t no one watching.
There you go.
Fuck, yeah.
Looks like he’s changed his mind.
Now she’s calling it off.
What the fuck!
She’s dropped to her knees.
That’ll work.
Crazy slut.
She looks familiar.
Oh my god. Is that Luna?
That better not be Luna.
Holy fuck. That’s Luna.
God dammit!
She is so dead.
Everyone get out of my way!
Where did all these people come from?
Jesus Christ.
Sorry, ma’am!
Whoa, she was hot.
I’ll be back for her later.
Made it.
Where did they go?
Where the fuck did they go!
Whoever it was, they’re gone.
Dammit, Luna!”

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